Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Comment Posted

Not the way we wanted to start after the first few hours of being live on iTunes but hopefully the reviewer will continue using the app and read this post to help us understand the issues raised from their point of view...

Review posted by new user:

by Shinobemola
App just provides a bunch of predefined links to standard digg, stumbleupon, delicious bookmarking sites. No syncing like they claim. This browser lacks the standard bookmarks feature for that matter. Stick with safari and add bookmarks to these social sites manually as that is what this app seems to do. Worth may be like 99c, but 3 dollars is outrageous.

Seems like this user only is using the drop down list on left to view digg, stumbleupon, delicious bookmarking sites. If you use the "+" button on right the URL currently being viewed will be posted and linked to your account so in the case of a post delicious.. If I'm viewing an article from CNN on Steve Jobs and I want to share the article on delicious (or any other social site we support) just press the "+" button on the right and it will post to you delicious account with a single click (or any other account you sign into and select).

Since CNN does not offer delicious on the article, I would have to copy/paste and switch sites just to make a post which is exactly why we integrated automatic posts into Aarde to save you from manually entering them.

If Shinobemola is reading this post, please send us an email or just respond to this post with details on what you were expecting, we should be able to add the features if they are not already present in this version of the app.


  1. Not sure why the person doesn't like this app. I think it is much better than standard I-pad safari. I would definately recommend it!

  2. Thankyou - we appreciate the support and are hoping that more positive reviews will be posted in the iTunes app store soon.


    Aarde Web Browser Support Team