Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Own the First iPad Web Browser with Tabs and 'Night Browsing'

Aarde web browser for the iPad is the FIRST and ONLY iPad web browser with tabbed browsing, independent brightness control, and one-gesture social media interconnectivity. Aarde’s straightforward, and uncomplicated interface makes it easy to use and fast to navigate providing you with a complete browser solution for flexible browsing day or night.


With Aarde’s iPad browser you can create new tabs with a simple touch and swipe through tabs with one gesture. Use the tabs to open new web pages instead of opening new windows. The tab line also alerts you if there are additional pages of unseen tabs. Aarde’s flexibility includes a checkbox option for automatically reloading the current open tabs in your next session. Aarde is always at your disposal... it would bring you a warm towel or a cold beer if it had legs.


Most iPad browsers are limited to the iPad’s internal independent brightness control that during night browsing may put strain on your eyes or for the loved ones around you. However, the Aarde browser includes an additional independent brightness sliding scale to reduce the screen brightness up to 100X of the normal system minimum. Less eyestrain… less potential for love strain, wake up refreshed and energized.


Why go through a twelve step process to link up to any of the most commonly visited social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Bookmarks, Delicious, Digg, etc? With Aarde now you can easily share, collaborate, and network on the Internet with one-gesture post to any of the twelve major sites with a simple swipe. Save yourself time have a lemonade on a hammock or play catch instead while others go from step 1, to step 2, etc.


Aarde also allows you to search up to seven (7) search engines simultaneously including Bing, Google, eBay, Lycos, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and YouTube. Just type in your search term and Aarde will open up separate tabs to display your results from each search engine you selected.

How about import or download all of your Google Bookmarks? Got it!

Direct connectivity to Instapaper? It’s in there!

How about in-page search features? Yes, it’s in there!

Do you like to create groups of browser bookmarks? Absolutely…it’s in there!

How about being able to open group of bookmarks with tabs? Sure why not…already there!

Would you like to save images with one long press gesture? Yes, but we sneaked it in behind our accountants back …it’s in there!

Open links in background tabs? I’ll probably be fired anyway so yes... It’s in there!

Aarde.... Browse how you want to browse either day or night!

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