Friday, July 16, 2010

Version 1.1 submitted to Apple for Approval

To thank our users for the great support, we've listened to your requests and submitted the update for Apple's approval. We hope you enjoy the new features and improved design.

Top Five Updates in v1.1:

1) App Brightness Control
- Night Browsing up to 100 times dimmer than iPad Settings Control. Easy swipe toggle between day/night use. Entire app screen will dim based on user defined settings.

2) iPad Bookmarks Update
- Local bookmarks with grouping as you save links. Choose to load multiple bookmarks in separate tabs during the same view.

3) Advanced Product Search
- One click to current promo codes from online retailers. Search using options such as "best review rating" or "on sale" to target the latest deals when comparison shopping.

4) User Settings Update
- Change homepage default, tab response, startup prompting, and default brightness.

5) Updated Tab Browsing Layout

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